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Any questions contact the office. Let’s get you making money so you can earn while you learn!

Fill out a W9 then Make Fast Cash

You are automatically a QuantumLeap Ambassador

That means if anyone you recommend or refer whether it is by word of mouth, warm email introduction, banners on your site, an email blast, social media promotions, ANY way you promote us - we pay you commission if that person buys

Our commission rate is 10% - which means if someone buys something for $5000 - you get $500

Easy peasy money. Our average sale is $17,500 - that would be $1750 to you

We have a training program, a dashboard where you can see all your results, payouts, etc, and
banners and graphics for each of our programs, plus you can ask Dave questions ANY TIME about how to recommend us, what to say, any help you need we are here for you.

If you want me to come to your location and meet with 8 and up and do a presentation then close, I will do that

If I am coming to your area, ALWAYS go for it - which means get a space, tell your friends, social media contacts, get a commitment from at least 8 people, and I'll drop in and do a presentation, Q&A and close

You get paid for helping your friends, associates, clients, and connections

Your first step though is to fill out a W9 - which is a government form we need on file to pay you

So fill out this W9 in the mean time and get it back to us

Then we'll familiarize you with your dashboard and affiliate codes.

Step 1 - Fill this out

You can print, and mail it to us
InnerSurf International
1248 E Elmwood Avenue
Burbank, CA

or you can print, fill it out, take a picture or scan it, and email it to us

Video Assistance - How to Fill out W9

Step 2 - Join this group - it's just for people like you -

Thanks in advance and we look forward to helping you make more money faster and making this a win-win-win for everyone